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How to Prep Data for Ingestion in Scuba

By Scuba Educators

Customer experience now eclipses both price and product as the most important differentiator for your business. According to Gartner, CX drives over two-thirds of customer loyalty, in fact, more than brand and price combined. 


The problem: your customer experience sits across multiple technologies in various departments across your company. Rarely do these tools communicate with each other, much less offer a unified view into the customer’s journey. Modern BI tools claim to remedy this issue with promises of 360-degree visibility for ad hoc self-service analytics--but so far, we’ve been left wanting. 


The realm of business intelligence needs to evolve to keep pace with expectations. According to a 2020 report by 451 Research, 84% of digitally-driven organizations state the importance of transforming to a real-time enterprise to meet customer demands. 


Getting true insight on the fly, empowering your business users, and building consensus among teams is closer than you think. 


This is where Scuba Analytics comes in: the only customer intelligence solution that offers real-time analytics for everyone on your team. While most competitive solutions require a detailed ETL process to get up and running, Scuba makes creating intelligence out of raw data fast and easy. Here’s everything you need to know to get up and running.

Data requirements

Your data needs only two specific attributes in order to create customer intelligence with Scuba--far less than the documentation required with other business intelligence tools. Specifically, you need:


  • Timestamp
  • Unique Identifier: anything that identifies the actor or machine 


Scuba is agnostic to data type, which means you can analyze anything from customer purchasing information to product system operations.  As long as your data has these two attributes, there’s no limit to what data can be plugged into Scuba’s platform.


Want to create unions or drop rows, or format your data in a particular way before ingestion? Our team of experienced solutions architects is more than happy to help. We won’t force you to format your data into a particular schema in order to get started--rather, we help new customers get things set up just the way they like them. In the words of Scuba’s Sr. Solution Architect, Pete Kurkowski: “the more unstructured the data, the better.”

Getting started

Once you have your time-stamped data along with a User ID, it’s time to load the data into simple object storage.


Scuba’s technology works as a managed service with any public or private cloud infrastructure, including Azure, AWS, or your private cloud. Scuba is a full-stack solution--once the codebase is installed, you and your teams get access to processing, a query engine, and data visualizations all in one. 


Your data remains yours. Simply grant our team access to your preferred object storage infrastructure, and we'll work with your data engineers to get your intelligence up and running.

How long does setup take?

Nine times out of ten real-time insight is often possible within hours of installation. Actual setup times will vary, but some Scuba Analytics customers have been able to begin visualizing their data in as little as an hour


Factors affecting time-to-insight include: 


  • Amount of time needed to access cloud keys
  • Availability of stakeholders
  • Any custom data formatting requested by the customer

Cutting-edge technology is here

The shift to a CX-focused enterprise requires rethinking how business intelligence is distributed and processed. With Scuba, you don’t have to wait to see real results from customer intelligence--it’s the difference between making decisions in your next meeting or wasting time trying to find answers later.


Scuba’s speed and ease of use make data analysis fun and intuitive. Your non-technical experts now get to play with data, asking questions and immediate follow-on questions for fluid, intuitive, ad-hoc exploration and discovery that draws insight from trillions of events. 


If you’re ready to test out Scuba to see how it can transform your decision-making, explore our demo here.



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