The Battle for ATTENTION: Will AI Save The Advertising Industry in a Privacy-Driven Economy?

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The Evolving Role of CMO: Navigating Data-Driven Decision-Making

CMOs have always been tasked with overseeing brand management, advertising, and customer engagement. However, in the ...

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10 Great Examples of Hyper-Personalization in Entertainment & Media

What if your favorite streaming platform could scan your face to determine your sex, age, mood, and energy level, and ...

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Scuba VP of Data Science Presents at MIT’s 17th CDOIQ Symposium, Focusing on ML-Driven Insights

At the 17th MIT CDOIQ Symposium, Scuba Analytics Vice President of Data Science and R&D, Ariel Rodriguez, was a ...

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Winning the Game: Real-time Marketing is Here

It’s Friday morning and you just scored floor tickets for your favorite band’s summer tour. You’ve seen social ads and ...

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Programmatic Ad Buying: Solving 7 Challenges in a Subscription Economy

As the real-time subscription economy continues to grow, brands are constantly looking for effective ways to reach and ...

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4 Game-Changing Benefits of a Privacy-Centric Analytics Solution

The future of privacy compliance is still in limbo, but one to keep tabs on. President Biden’s recent executive order ...

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