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Webinar: A $222B Opportunity with CX Realized

By Camila Martinez-Granata

The way companies need to leverage their data is changing--if they want to step up their customer experience journies. On Thursday, October 14, 451 Research and Scuba Analytics hosted a webinar, "Why the Data-Driven Experience Economy Requires a Shift to Real-Time," to discuss these shifts and trends in data analytics. 


If you weren't able to attend or want to rewatch this webinar, you can still watch the recorded version below and learn about real-time data and CX.

Leveraging real-time data for CX

CX data drivers who leverage real-time customer journey analytics can recognize patterns, comprehend ideas, plan, predict, solve problems, identify actions and make decisions on a grand scale with ease, resulting in an increase in equity and 25-point differential improvement in new metrics compared to CX data-drifters, according to 451 analysts. Yet, only 12% of the market actually makes nearly all CX decisions using data and in real-time.


How is this relevant to you? Well, real-time customer journey analytics can help CX data drivers to the following on a grand scale with ease:


  • Uncover patterns
  • Understand ideas
  • Plan and predict
  • Solve problems
  • Identify actions and make decisions

Watch the webinar below. 


In this webinar, you'll learn:


  • How elevated customer experience improves convenience, context, and control for businesses and consumers.
  • How to modernize your tech stack and activate more critical data for CX data drivers to capture, analyze, understand, and act on.
  • How real-time insights can be used to bolster a measurable impact on an organization’s bottom line: improving customer retention, reducing service costs, and helping respond to competitive threats.
  • Hear from leaders in CX: Tony Ayaz, CEO, Scuba Analytics, and Sheryl Kingstone, Research VP.
  • How Scuba Analytics can help you do all of the above.


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