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How a Major Global Gaming Brand Doubled Revenue & Retention

By SCUBA Insights

"With Scuba in place, every core KPI we tracked went up."


Using Scuba Analytics, one gaming brand was able to leverage real-time customer intelligence and increased its KPIs across the board: player retention, conversion, and time to discovery for product updates.


A major global gaming company needed a 360° customer view to gain real-time insights into how customers engaged, played, and connected with others in their popular online social game.


The brand deployed Scuba across one of its online games to increase user engagement and conversion, increase player retention, prioritize features, and identify areas to enhance steps in the conversion user funnel.


  • By achieving a 360° view of customers and experiences across devices, the brand doubled its conversion of players to paid users.


  • Product teams quickly uncovered data-driven insights to better engage customers, and increased month-over-month paid user retention by 30%.


  • Automatically detected and ingested event data in real-time to get answers and reports into decision makers’ hands—in hours, not weeks or days.

The Product

Scuba’s client, a global online gaming company, is pioneering online social games and sweepstakes, bringing the excitement of hitting the jackpot online. The brand knew that knowing everything about customers was essential. They needed to know how customers played, shared, interacted, purchased, and even got frustrated as they introduced new features and functionalities.


The company’s strategic objectives included:


  • Cross-channel measurement across the brand's various digital platforms to better understand users and drive retention, engagement & conversion.


  • Unifying customer data by incorporating social connecting and
    multiplayer features throughout its platform.


  • Increasing engagement via new product features to its game offerings across various digital platforms.

The brand knew that knowing everything about customers was essential. They needed to know how customers played, shared, interacted, purchased, and even got frustrated would be a critical piece of the puzzle as they introduced new features and functionalities.

See What Players Are Doing: Faster & In Real-Time

Before Scuba, the brand relied on its engineering team to run reports to help make data-driven decisions, which would take a few days to pull data and generate the report requested.


“There was too much delay between making a request and getting answers, and it was impacting on our ability to look at data and make good decisions.” -Scuba Client, Major Gaming Brand


The brand quickly realized this method wouldn’t scale, so they chose Scuba.

Ask Unlimited, Unbounded Questions

The brand needed to be able to provide an easy-to-use platform for the entire team, to ask layered questions of all the raw data, and get answers in minutes—not days. They began evaluating solutions on the market and also considered building an internal analytics tool themselves. 


They chose Scuba. 


“One of the things we loved about Scuba right away was their ability to ingest our data & provide a graphical interface to better structure our data.” -Scuba Client, Major Gaming Brand

For Online Gaming, 360° View is Key

After adopting Scuba, the brand enhanced its understanding of customer engagement with its gaming platform. They were able to answer specific questions in real-time and narrow in on customer journeys and experiences.


Knowing the important details about how customers behave, interact, engage, and connect became a (literal) game-changer. Not only did they have a 360° customer view, but in doing so, the brand's retention, conversion, and time to insights improved significantly.


“Because of Scuba, every core KPI we tracked went up. We’ve increased the conversion rate of free to paid users by 2X, month-over-month retention of paid users by 30%, and reduced the time it took to identify and fix issues from weeks to hours.” -Scuba Client, Major Gaming Brand





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