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Leading Scuba as CEO: Preparing Scuba Analytics for High Growth Mode

By Tony Ayaz | CEO

I am very excited to announce that as of July 27th, I have transitioned into the CEO role at Scuba Analytics! I am humbled by the opportunity along with the great support from our customers, employees, and board. 


Greg Smirin will continue as an advisor to ensure a seamless transition and has been a great partner since I joined to lead our GTM over the past year.  I am grateful for his four years of service to the company along with the great work he has done.


My GTM experience in enterprise software spans over twenty years as an executive, founder, investor, and CEO. I look forward to applying the experience gained from leading companies like Splunk (SPLK) where I was an early executive that helped build the global GTM along with Wily Technology (acquired by CA), BEA Systems (Oracle), and serving as a Board Member with top tier investors.


There is something very special about Scuba along with the expertise the founders brought from their time building a real-time analytics platform to power Facebook. (You saw the movie and know the scale and velocity they had to build a scalable platform for more than a billion users.) I am excited to take that vision further with Chris Dolan (CTO) to enable CX teams to gain digital intelligence across their customer journey analytics. 


Scuba has thousands of users and leading cloud platforms like Asana, Microsoft and Salesforce rely on the extensive scale and simplicity the solution provides to connect behavioral analytics across all user and digital interactions. Over the past year, I have learned that there is so much more we can do to help improve customer experience analytics for our customers and look forward to the next evolution of the company's growth.


Sheryl Kingstone’s CX research at 451 Research tells me we’re in the right place. In her recent publication ‘Investment in customer intelligence platforms accelerate as businesses face new cookieless reality’, she states that “The industry has been moving toward real-time decision-making for at least two decades, but only 12% of the market actually makes nearly all CX decisions data-driven in real-time.”


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