The Battle for ATTENTION: Will AI Save The Advertising Industry in a Privacy-Driven Economy?

SCUBA's Spotlight: Top Events and Breakthroughs in the Ad Industry

By SCUBA Insights

You may have noticed SCUBA at the latest and greatest main events in ad tech, media, and privacy. The main theme throughout these events? Adapting to a cookie-less and more private internet. 


This past month's roster included the likes of Programmatic I/O Las Vegas, Gartner Marketing Symposium, and AdMonsters Ops. These events discussed pressing industry challenges and trends with the purpose of learning how we can best equip our customers with the tools to navigate industry changes, while maintaining a competitive edge in data collection and collaboration. 


Let’s take a look at the crucial insights media and publishing companies can use to drive their data management and growth.


Programmatic IO: Merging AdTech and Martech

The current ad tech ecosystem has been standing for over 20 years, and one of its foundational pillars is being removed - the third-party cookie. Today, media companies are on the hunt to ensure that their programmatic revenue stays high, and insights stay relevant. However, companies have to discover how they can effectively monetize content without the third-party cookie. For brands, learning and implementing data collaboration and management systems that improve targeting and measurement are crucial. And for the media, well they’re in need of help with identity resolution, but we’ll get to that.


So, how can adtech and martech come together to maximize data collaboration?


  • Removing Data Silos: In today's digital landscape, integrating MarTech (Marketing Technology) and AdTech (Advertising Technology) is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. By removing data silos, companies can create a unified view of their customer data, driving better decision-making and personalized experiences. Cue the rise of mad tech- here to break down data silos, drive more personalized experiences, and ultimately enhance marketing effectiveness. Pretty cool, huh?

  • Data Clean Rooms: Today, it is more important than ever to discover where your audience is, and meeting them there. We get it, integrating effective clean rooms can be daunting. There can be complex integration, lack of interoperability, lack of identity resolution, and limited functionality. However, utilizing clean rooms that seamlessly integrate with existing databases to offer flexible collaboration, agnostic ID secure matching, and decentralized insights are the golden ticket to achieving customer insights. 


Gartner & Data Collaboration

At this year's Gartner conference, CMOs were concerned about customer data collection. Specifically, how could they access more customer insights, while maximizing ROI?


Marketers: How do we regain control over our customer information?

In most tech stacks today, IT owns customer records, and these records are not fully integrated with martech ecosystems. But what if these platforms and systems could sit within the marketing stack?

We’d argue this would break down data silos, allowing for in-the-moment insights and activation. Perhaps this would tackle identity resolution along the way. But hey, that’s just us speaking from experience.


How can we quickly extract insights from our data?

Data for All! Data democratization means everyone, no matter their technical skills, can easily access and understand data. It boosts decision-making, sparks innovation, enhances transparency, and, best of all, encourages data collaboration. Employees can quickly get the information they need, analyze it, and feel empowered to experiment and learn from the data. This approach fosters creativity and speeds up time to insights.


Once companies democratize access to data, adopting effective methods to extract insights is the most important next step. Let’s get into some of these processes, shall we? 


AdMonsters Ops: Effective Identity Resolution and Monetization 

Staying true to the theme of these three conferences: navigating the post cookie world, identity resolution was a relevant topic at the AdMonsters Ops conference. While third party cookies are depreciating, companies can use this as an opportunity to enter a cookie-less utopia. 


Without third-party cookies, it is crucial for companies to take a look at investing in first-party data. At the heart of the AdMonsters conference was the question: As privacy measures continue to mount, how can publishers and advertisers remain compliant while supporting real business outcomes? 


The need for a swift and scalable solution to data monetization has never been greater. Media companies need to show high ROI on ad campaigns and use personalized customer insights to drive business decisions. Utilizing identity resolution creates comprehensive user profiles that are powered by first-party data, so that marketers can deliver personalized content, relevant advertisements, higher click-through rates, and better monetization, making everyone happy!


Don’t fall for walled gardens 

The walled gardens of Google, Meta, and Amazon control access to applications and services within their ecosystems, limiting interoperability. Imagine Google, Meta, and Amazon as the cool kids with exclusive clubs, making it tough for anyone else to join the party. As third-party cookies crumble, more publishers will feel the pressure to fit in with these giants. Publishers and advertisers need to find new tools that play nice with everyone and boost their insights game across the board. 



Ultimately, all three conferences highlighted one main takeaway: companies are in need of in-the-moment insights from a consolidated tech stack. With SCUBA, companies gain just that. It’s the only collaborative decision intelligence platform that provides in-the-moment decision intelligence and activation without compromising privacy. 


Our platform goes to the edge, maximizing match rates and enriching audience profiles with an agnostic approach to identity resolution. SCUBA goes beyond the limitations of traditional clean rooms and provides the advertising industry with a future-proof solution for insights, activation, and measurement.  


What are you waiting for? Learn what SCUBA can do for you today.

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