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Scuba Analytics Recognized with 4 Comparably Awards (2023)

Mountain View, Calif. — Real-Time Data Collaboration Platform platform Scuba Analytics received four awards this week ...

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How AI & ML Will Change the Game for Marketing Attribution

Attribution is the thorn in every marketer’s side. Leadership wants to see proof of ROI, meanwhile, you’re fighting the ...

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How to Make Trust Part of the Digital Customer Journey

Thanks to data, brands have more ways to connect with consumers than ever. But sometimes that engagement comes at a ...

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10 Great Examples of Hyper-Personalization in Entertainment & Media

What if your favorite streaming platform could scan your face to determine your sex, age, mood, and energy level, and ...

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How to Use Predictive Analysis for Better Business Outcomes (+ 6 Steps for Getting Started)

“What will happen if…?”

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7 Types of Predictive Analysis & How They Can Help You

Predictive analytics is a versatile toolkit, offering a multitude of methods and techniques to align with your business ...

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